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"Advice to someone in the throes of mad love is pretty meaningless, because any capacity for rational thought has long since split for Aruba. Despite the setbacks and heartaches, the persuer tunes out their inner voice of sanity and is more than willing to swallow the tears, paint on a smile, and once again resume the chase."
-Paul Dini

BATMAN: MAD LOVE (Feb. 1994)
Art by Bruce Timm & Rick Taylor
Words by Paul Dini

all these people reblogging like “this is so cute!!” shes in the hospital in the first place because he lost his temper and threw her out a window???

I usually try hard to look past the apologizing and reasoning fans do for the abuse in the Joker and Harleys relationship because I know a lot of you wouldn’t condone this in real life obviously, but this is really gross. A “SORRY I TRIED TO MURDER YOU, HERES HOPING THIS MANIPULATES YOU INTO STILL DOING WHATEVER I ASK YOU TOO” card is not cute or romantic, and this ending was not meant to be cute, it was supposed to be heartwrenching in the sense that we feel bad for Harley being trapped in this cycle, like what the shit